Whole foods versus Supplements

Whole Natural Foods versus Supplements and Nutraceuticals

There has long been a raging debate in the natural health care profession concerning the issue of whether a person should get all their nutritional needs from Whole Foods or is it ok to take highly dense and specific nutrient supplementation?

I love listening to experts in this debate… I get to hear and discern the opinion of nutritional PhD plant based medicinal biochemists and PhD’s liked me, as well as the opinion and Wisdom of Traditional doctors of Naturopathy, again like me. I love to listen to my peers. In the end you will have to decide for yourself what you feel and come to know is best for you.
I am always being told by various factions that my two areas of some 30 plus years of expertise in natural medicine and science do not mesh, and you know what, sometimes they don’t, but far more often they do mesh very elegantly.

A hundred years ago, I would say all you need to do is eat lots of whole raw foods and drink plenty of water, get some moderate sunshine so your body can make Vitamin D and you should live a long and healthy life. The proof that I would be correct is that folks from that time like my grandmother grew up on a farm and had access to plenty of raw foods lived to be 100 old. If we look deeply into this subject we will find that people who lived on farms a 100 years ago and folks who lived near farms and could buy their foods directly from very local farms, lived long and healthy lives.

When my grandmother was growing up she drank fresh raw milk every day. Raw milk contains billions of antibodies that protect you from all sorts of illness, but it is very hard to drink raw milk today because the government in all its wisdom has made it illegal. However if you would like to get the massive health benefits found in mother’s milk and all the immunity it provides for babies and very young children..
Read my article on Non Denatured Whey called “Whey Facts and Applications”

A hundred years ago farm lands were rich in top soil and contained all the micronutrients like selenium; perhaps the most cancer preventing agent ever discovered; but unfortunately that was a very long time ago. Today all the farms are owned by massive corporations and farming is now both mechanized and assembly line industries. There are no micronutrients left in the soil anymore, they have all been leached out by the methods of modern day over farming of the land. Everything has been sprayed with synthetic chemical herbicides and pesticides so as to glean maximum yield. Even the Macro minerals are missing from the soil in most cases so that we now have the richest country on earth, but we have an entire population of people with nutritional deficiencies; one would expect to find in a very third world country.

 Ironic is it not? It is also a tragic situation that we can, in just one state Iowa, produce enough protein (Soy) to meet the world’s needs for protein 3 times over, but our food is so overly processed and tainted with all kinds of toxic additives, that we cannot meet our own nutritional needs for excellent health in the USA. In fact just the opposite is true, the foods we are eating as Americans lead to the highest rates of cancer and heart disease in the world. We have more blooming adult onset cases of diabetes in younger and younger people then any country in the world. We are fast becoming so ill and disease ridden that the largest growing industry has virtually every citizen over the age of 30 on some kind of medication. Pills, from the big Pharmaceutical companies accounts for roughly 1.3 trillion dollars a year in sales in the USA alone…that is not counting their income from the export of their drugs to all the other countries of the world, so long as they have a corporate headquarters in Puerto Rico they do not have to report their world wide income, an arrangement made possible by the Rockefeller family and several of the other wealthiest families in America just after WW2.

There is a sector of the economy in the USA which is growing even faster than the big Pharmaceutical companies which is the Natural Health food and Nutrient, Nutraceutical industry. I wonder why? 

Because people are smart! They do not like all of the miserable, dangerous side effects of medication and in mass driven waves, they are turning to Alternative Health, including supplementation. Food and nutritional supplements are today growing at a speed which is much faster than the drug industry. Why? Once again the common folk are smart, they do not like the way drugs make them feel, very nasty side effects, they wish to be rid of. They get on the great equalizer…the internet, go to a search engine and find real workable alternatives, they find safe and effective ways of regaining their god given right to good health…. they become self empowered and learn about whole foods, the biochemistry magic of plant based nutrient dense food supplements and most of all they love to do a friend the kind favour of spreading the word.
If we cannot get our nutritional needs met as a population through food then the only logical thing to do is take dietary supplements and eat the best you can. Eat as much organic produce, fish and meat as you can afford, it is very expensive and it is worth it. I know it’s almost impossible for the whole population of America to eat organic so try this strategy. The thing you know you are going to eat every day like milk in your cereal, including your cereal itself should be bought organic. I eat an organic breakfast every day. I know I cannot get all the nutrition I need from commercial foods so I take many excellent supplements.

I take a fantastic Multi-Vitamin, Mineral, and Anti-Oxidant formula every day made by a real Bio-Technology company which only specializes in nutritional and Nutraceutical supplements.
With both ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Lab. Certification they are my number one choice in the world for purity and potency and integrity in how they make their supplements. They have over 1000 separate supplement formulations so I almost have after 30 plus years in this field a one stop shop that I can always Trust. I use no more than 7 companies for my particular needs and I will be naming them and showing you how to purchase from them soon.

The other reason for Supplementation is if you are in the care of a true expert in this field, you can have a custom made program of Nutritional and Nutraceutical supplements to protect your cells and your body from diseases caused by all of the toxins in our foods and in the air and soil. The toxic level of environmental pollutants on land and sea is so high that one needs to know how to deactivate them with proper supplements made from all natural sources…which means bio-medicinal plant based supplements.
Much more on this subject will be coming to you in the days and weeks ahead so keep coming back to the place where NATURAL HEALTH WISDOM is the difference which makes all the difference.

All my best, Doc Larry at NatDoc.blogspot.com

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