My Top Biotechnology Labs for making perfect Supplements

I have researched the supplement industry for 37 years… I and 4 other scientists tested 1200 supplement companies and only 3 tested out at more then 50% Bio-Available to the cellular level or in other words how much of the supplement gets into your cells… and I want to say without hesitation or reservation that if your supplements are not made by a Biotechnology Lab…you are most likely slowly poisoning yourself to death… Cheap raw materials from China …the most polluted place on earth is where 99.2% of all supplement companies go through today, to make very inexpensive supplements even if they charge you top retail prices. I consider Douglas Labs the # 1 company in the world by far for making Supplements!!!

So here are the best companies in the world who have the Lab sophistication and the integrity to make perfect supplements with no toxins in them at all…and all raw materials are sourced from organic sources.

The # 1 Biothech Lab exclusively making Nutritional supplements with a line of over 1200 Nutraceuticals is DOUGLAS LABS…Douglas Labs only sells through Dr.’s of some kind as their products are so very powerful…I tested their Bio-availability to 99 to 99.99% bio available to the cellular level …by far the highest ever tested…they have several types of Atomic Plasmaspectrograph’s to look at what they have made down to the Molecular level and they can produce certificates for ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 the only company in the world to have the 2 highest Laboratory standards on the planet.

#2 is Thorne Labs of Canada

# 3 is Metagenics

#4 Carlson’s….they make Vitamin E and great fish oils and only several other products but they are expanding.

#5 World of Health Shops of Australia

I am looking at several others who claim to have ISO certifications and will report more later on.

Any company which is ISO certified tends to sell only through doctors so if you need something I will get it for you with 10% off their suggested retail price…

Much Love and Light, Dr Lawrence Sosna

1 Response to Supplements

  1. Dagny-Anne says:

    I am very impressed with your knowledge, research and passion.. I want to hear more.. What about Dr. Mercola’s products or Dr. Delgado in Costa Mesa?

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