Personalized Health Program

The Fortunate Fifty, My Personalized Health Program

I am so excited about this new program!!! 50 people committed to learning how to reach perfected states of excellent health will get to work directly with me!!! Some on a weekly basis… Some on a monthly basis.
Those who enroll in the weekly program will receive TheMentorship Program in Naturopathic Medicine. I will lead you in a one, two or three year program and you will graduate Certified as an HHP, Holistic Health Practitioner. Two years is the Advanced Certification and the 3 year program is the Masters Certification… Upon completion you will automatically be enrolled as an active member of the American Holistic Medical Association and receive a nice diploma from an organization which is the largest body of Medical and Alternative Health Professionals in this country.
 They are rapidly changing medicine and health in America for the better. You will be invited to take continuing education courses given by the AHMA and attend all professional Medical Conference’s… You will even be permitted to submit your own research to their Peer Reviewed Natural Medical Journal.
Those of you who want to work on a once a month basis with me directly, will be more interested and committed to a personal program which will result is extremely powerful states of perfected health. I will be creating a personalized diet, nutrition, biofeedback, meditation, cutting edgeNutraceutical program… and also offer you the full 35 years of my research in cellular regeneration and Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization Protocol. You will receive weekly emails from me and special updates on an ongoing basis. You will have access to buying all your supplements and Nutraceuticals directly from the best Bio-technology companies in the world…The ones I have personally endorsed as having met the very highest standards in the world. You will be exposed to things folks only read about in scientific journals. If a new bio-medicinal supplement is both safe and effective to my exacting specifications you will be offered every advanced scientific and holistic opportunity that I myself have at my disposal.
This will include several conference calls a year given by me and natural medical scientists who have proven their greatness…some even in the pool who get nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine/Science. I have many different plans for just about every budget…. your being one of the 50 will depend on just 2 crucial factors. You Must have a 100% commitment to you becoming exceptionally healthy for life. Secondly, there most certainly is somewhat of a first come first serve basis if I determine 100% commitment is present.
Interested? Call 760-481-8800

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