Natural Medicine a Growing Trend for Good Health

Natural Medicine a Growing Trend toward Good Health
Lawrence Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

Can you get me off my medications? The first question people usually ask me when they learn I am a Naturopathic Doctor is… can you get me off my medications? Truly, the question in and of itself is proof of the common average persons connection to nature and natures wisdom. I am not talking about people well versed in Alternative Medicine; this question is posed over and over again by the same hard working folks who have been constantly exposed to the 1.2 trillion dollar a year big Pharmaceutical propaganda machine. They have been herded through the medical system since childhood and now find themselves as adults taking pills and medications and some vast inner wisdom is causing them to ask the question how can I get off these medications? People may not know what it is they need instead of medications, but there is a growing generalized discomfort about taking synthetic medications with many ill side effects. This is causing a shift in the way the average American is feeling and thinking about the health care system and how they are stuck in it.

I want to urge you not to paper over illness but instead finally solve your problems with the infinite empowerments which can only be found in nature. Preventing illness should be our national goal and our personal goal, for without the vitality and energy of good health nothing else we want is possible! You can’t make that million dollars or climb the mountain of whatever your dream is without the vitality and abundance of natural energy which only excellent health can give you.

To better illustrate my point, recently President Bill Clinton needed emergency stents put into his clogged coronary arteries to open them back up so he would not have a fatal heart attack. Let me remind you it was just several years ago he had a triple bypass to replace his clogged arteries of the heart…. The point is, his treatments do not really work! And Bill Clinton is a former President! If it had worked he would not have needed emergency stents put in and I will predict he will face the same un-necessary life threatening situation within 5 more years.

Here is a better more elegant and safe way of fixing President Clintons clogged artery problems so he would not need any further surgery or invasive stents.
First, I would highly recommend pure Medical Grade Alpha Lipoic Acid. ALP is sometimes called the universal anti-oxidant because it is both water and fat soluble. This is of extreme importance for several reasons. It stops fats in the heart from peri-oxidation. If the hard sticky type fats like LDL cannot oxidize they cannot stick together and form a clot, this much is simple biochemistry and has been known for 30 years. 600 to 800 times more powerful an anti-oxidant then vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid is all natural and can protect cells and tissues in places where cells are watery and where they contain fat, that covers 99% of the human body.

The Harvard Study Group has stated that inflammation of the hearts arteries is always part of the clot process whereby an artery gets blocked and a heart attack occurs. Alpha Lipoic Acid is so powerful an anti-inflammatory agent it cannot only prevent artery inflammation but it can also reverse it even if it’s been there for a long time and that really is good news we should all be sharing with our friends because the Industrial Medical System of AMA and big Pharma sure as heck is not going to.

Now let’s add another very potent empowerment, Medical Grade Cold water Fish Oil, the heart healthy life giving, Omega-3 oils, they are the ultra protective HDL friendly fats that have the ability to take the harmful hard sticky fats and break them down and melt them away. Millions of Eskimos are living proof. Despite the fact that they eat a diet of roughly 85% fat, such as whale blubber and seal blubber they also eat a lot of fresh cold water salmon. The oil from the salmon acts like a natural solvent, in that in breaks the hard fats down and it also acts as a super lubricant not allowing cholesterols and sticky blood platelets stick to the arteries walls. In fact, even though medical scientists have been studying Eskimos for 30 years to find out why they do not get heart attacks the only indicator for such total heart protection has been determined to come from the cold water fish oil and not some genetic protection.

The reason we know this is when Eskimos move to the lower 48 states and start to eat the typical American diet leaving out the Cold water salmon their heart risk for having a heart attack goes from virtually 100% protection to the same mean average as the typical American for their age group.
It is extremely important to note that fish oil supplements are not all good for you, they are not created equally and you need to know about how the science of extraction is done to know if you are hurting yourself, potentially killing yourself or vastly helping to ensure a lifetime of a healthy heart. Let me give you a few examples. If cold water fish oil has been extracted the way most companies do it you will be exposed to cancer causing chemical solvents, industrial solvents are often used to extract the oil from the fish… then unbeknown to you…thinking you are helping your heart, in truth you are being exposed to cancer causing heavy metal toxins and industrial solvents which cause constant daily inflammation of the cells and tissues and will eventually cause a disease.

That is why one of The Missions of this Blog is to bring you the most safe and effective natural supplements and Nutraceuticals made by the best Biotechnology companies in the world. I have spent over 30 years searching to find these few companies you can trust with your life.

The other mission of this blog is to provide a true online support group for healthy living and to bring together the best most up to date cutting edge information possible! My purpose in this life is to serve you and your best health interests as fairly as is humanly possible! 

I do not expect to make a million dollars from this blog but I do plan on giving away many millions of dollars worth of life sustaining and life enhancing good health. My programs are priced so even the poor can take advantage of many free secretes to a life filled with grace, ease of being and a natural flow of empowerments to extend life and more importantly give you the best quality of life possible. That is my commitment to you and to me.
The question is can you find a place within yourself to commit to your excellent good health? If yes, you will find that I may be the Life Coach you have always desired…because together the WE is much more powerful then the ME.
Getting back to an example of one of my life programs for near perfect quantum health… the next thing I like to have in an empowered healthy Cardiovascular healthy heart system is Ayur Guggle Lipid. This superstar plant has been used for over 4000 years in India. The leaves of this plant are so full of good natural resins that when taken throughout the day and before bedtime the bad LDL super clogging fats stick to the resin of the Guggle plant and are dragged out of your body each day with your daily bowel movement…thereby lowering your bad cholesterol fraction by up to 45% that is a massive blessing to your heart and it is completely safe.
Aspirin! I will have an entire research article on the incredible gift which aspirin can be if taken the correct way. A natural blood thinner, and originally from the White Willow bark of the same tree…Aspirin taken correctly, with a big meal and an ADULT full single dose at dinner can reduce the risk of heart attack by 70% Taken properly, you will have no problems with your stomach bleeding from aspirin.

Once again I strongly believe that if President Clinton was on my reverse clogged heart artery program he would never again need any invasive surgical procedures.
At any rate that gives you a very small glimpse into what I can do with all natural Medical Grade Nutraceuticals from plants and I have a program for any other health challenge you can think of. When you read the short article How it Works! You will know how to get started on one of my programs with direct support from me and ongoing Life Health Coaching through phone consultations, emails, and special alerts.

All my best, Lawrence S. Sosna N.D. PhD HHP

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