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The introduction to Dr. Larry into my life by his good friend Spiritual Teacher Riz Mirza has been such a life changing event, I wouldnt know what to do without him. He has given me an excuse to no longer look to traditional medicines and over the counter medications to try to ‘cure’ what ails me. What he has done is given me the keys to my health with the holistic, natural treatments that I am not concerned that myself or my five children will not be able to face anything that relates to prevention and cures to the human body. Thank you Dr. Larry.”

~Oriah Miller

Author, Filmmaker and Womens Empowerment Writer


 Dr. Larry is one of the most knowledgeable and ingenious naturopathic doctors ever and I have known him for 20 years. He is a man of deep insight and has a big heart. My health was always great but I got a major upgrade thanks to him. Whey to go Larry! 🙂

~Riz Mirza

Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium


More Coming Soon!

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