4 Foundations to Perfect Health

The Four Foundations to Perfect Health

In this on going course we will delve deeply into Mastering the Four Foundations to Perfect Health!
  Physical Perfections to Health
  • Mental Clarifications to Perfect Health
  • Emotional Growth to Perfect Health
Spiritual Deepening, Increasing Your Capacity to Love leads to Perfect Health
Most people think about good health in terms of being physically healthy and on a very surface level that seems true. Yet we all know people in our lives or have heard about people who have become so emotionally traumatized they became physically ill.
So good health is maintaining a healthy balance between our Physical body and our Mental body so to speak. It is creating a healthy balance between our Mental life and our Emotional life. The quality of our thoughts determines our Mental Health. The ease and flow of our feelings in large part determines our Emotional health…pent them up and block them off long enough and an emotional embalance will become so great as to tilt over the whole apple cart.
The ability to experience love and joy and to share love and joy with others determines Spiritual Health.
So, for once lets not start with Physical Health, Let us focus first this time on Spiritual Health, then Emotional Health, then Mental Health and finally we will end this conversation about perfected states of excellent health with Physical Health.
Every spiritual tradition has its own way of describing the above 4 Foundations to a healthy, abundantly joyful and physically vital life. From Christianity to Taoism, Zen to Judaism, Islam to Zohar, Buddhism to Shintoism, all these great spiritual teachings transcend the secular. They all speak to a higher and greater source from which all is created, all is sustained, and all eventually in time decay and are transformed from the decaying of all of the constituent parts back to the creational force which then starts again in a never ending cycle of creation, sustainer of that which has been created to its eventual transformation as a new kind of creation once again.
Or more simply put the cycle of Birth, Death, and Rebirth must be looked at and understood in the light of a deeper wisdom if we are to take away something very useful to help us be well in our daily life.
The universal path I refer to is spoken about in all the rich diversity that great minds can communicate. Some of these universal experiences common to all human kind are: paths to love and joy, fear, laboring, suffering, knowledge, ignorance, fun, thirst, hunger and laughter to name just a few. I would say we as humans no matter how different our cultures have much more in common then anything which sets us apart.
It is this human commonality we all have with one another which allows us to all feel happy when we see a picture on T.V. of a complete strangers wedding. When we see the love and joy of the new bride and groom, even if they are from a far off land…. we still can feel some happy feelings from their joy.
It is that magical feeling all Americans had on 9/11 of being united in grief as ONE family of Americans, feeling the horror and the pain of families stricken down even though we may not have known any of them personally. The incredible acts of kindness we all wanted to share…. to do something to help the other…. give blood or make a donation… we all wanted to just be able to help and reach out to those who suffered the most.
In my 57 years on this planet that day and in the ensuing days to follow…it was a clear and tangible example of the power of our connection to each other through our spirit we were connected in a moment of oneness through our joined spirits. It was in fact, one of the most Spiritually significant periods in American history… and it demonstrates the healing power of the spirit as we all felt spiritually connected to each other, one spirit to another. We were gentle with each other, we were being kind to one another, as we all connected to the real shared human feelings that we all have, which made a country wide statement ” I am Vulnerable” We all felt it from one another without any words needed spoken and we all felt a certain added love & respect for one another right after 9/11
Today we look at the power of Spiritual Transformation in our lives as a catalyst to help us enter into more perfected states of Excellent good Health. Central to virtually all spiritual traditions, is the idea that each person has the ability to grow in holding more love and joy and the enhanced ability of extending that love and joy to others, would be an example of Spiritual Growth and Good Health.
Keep coming back as this is a course which really never ends. Many guest contributors will add to this body of knowledge leading to perfected states of excellent good health.
Many Blessings in perfect health, Dr. Larry

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