More on Wild Oregeno

Wild Medical Grade Oregano oil is almost impossible to obtain. So we are very fortunate to have such a great connection to the one place on earth where Wild Oregano has been protected from over picking to extinction! But why not just grow Oregano through normal cultivation farms? Great question! In the wild Oregano has been growing for a half a billion years and through evolution its leafs have been exposed to every soil bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites and more.

The Ancient healers and doctors noticed that of all plants only the wild oregano leaf never get blighted in any way… they always remain perfect, so they knew it must contain something very special within it, something very healing. Wild Oregano at certain perfect altitudes have evolved over all these hundreds of millions of years in such a way that whatever pathogens like bacteria… it came in contact with, it created the perfect set of complex inner biochemicals to kill all pathogens. It is literally King of plants.

Thus only Oregano self seeded in the wild can confer all its immune powers to humans…Its healing powers are now in its genetic code and this is never the case with man made cultivated oregano. The great thing is our super ancient ancestors a million years ago picked wild oregano because it smelled and tasted good…in other words we evolved along with wild oregano which is why it will kill the most dangerous bacteria including MRSA flesh eating resistant bacteria without harming the friendly bacteria in our gut so essential for digesting food. What a blessing!!! 

In Fact, the Pasture Institute in France, in their main teaching hospital no longer uses pharmaceutical antibiotics like Vancomycin to treat MRSA staph infections they use the highest grade of pure wild oregano oil which is exactly the same grade Dr. Larry Sosna makes from hundreds of pounds of the best wild oregano leafs in the world; which must come from a region in Turkey and picked only at a certain time of the year when oil content is at its peak within the leafs. Extraction of the oil is extremely important! Almost all companies use harsh industrial chemical solvents containing cancer causing Benzenes….You only want wild medical grade oregano oil which has been Steam Distilled. Steam Distilled extraction costs more it is much more time consuming but it is the only safe way to do this for human consumption. 

In perfected states of good heath,

Dr Larry

About larrysosna

Dr. Larry Sosna is a N.D. and has a PhD in Myology with an emphasis in Orthomolecular Biochemistry. He strictly practices Integrative Medicine - his research field being cellular regeneration, Anti-Aging and bio-identical comprehensive hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Sosna lectures on these topics at symposiums all over the world. Recently Dr. Sosna has been appointed Dean of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Encinitas California.
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